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experience lightning fast internet with Starlink, no matter where you are. our professional installation services ensure you get connected quickly and efficiently. Here's what our process includes:

1. Initial consultation
Site Survey- we assess your location to identify the best placement.
Customized Plan- We create a tailored installation plan based on your needs.
2. professional installation
High Quality Equipment- includes a satellite dish, mounting tripod, Wi Fi router, power supply and cables.
Expert Mounting- Our technicians securely mount the dish on your roof, wall, or pole ensuring a clear line of sight.
General Installation- We handle all aspects of the installation, ensuring cables are neatly run and connections are weatherproofed for durability.
3. system set up
Router Configuration- We set up your Wi Fi router and network.
Device Connection- Our team connects your devices to the new network.
4. testing and support
Performance Testing- We ensure optimal performance and address any issues. 
Ongoing Support- Post installation support for any questions or troubleshooting.

get connected with starlink today! contact us today to schedule your installation 801-804-5529

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